Coffee Shop

Along with bread, viennoiseries and pastries, delicious coffees and an exquisite array of Mariage Frères Teas, Faubourg’s coffee shop selection includes several lunch options: fine sandwiches and Paninis made from freshly baked bread, as well as salads, homemade 'soup of the day' and a varying selection of quiche 7 days a week. 

About our Coffee

Faubourg’s coffee shop offers the finest coffee from the award-winning Musetti roasters. Since 1934, three generations of the Musetti family have been roasting extremely high-quality coffee beans in Piacenza, Italy. The beans are roasted strictly according to the Italian tradition – slow-roasting for optimum flavor and using the highest grade of beans available from over 23 countries worldwide.

About Our Tea

Faubourg’s coffee shop offers a wide selection of teas from world-renowned Mariage Frères, setting the highest standards of tea traditions since the 1600s. Chosen for their superior properties, quality leaves and enthralling aromas, Mariage Frères teas are offered in renowned establishments all over the world and have been named by Newsweek as the best Darjeeling tea brand in the world.

Faubourg’s tea selection


Black teas


Marco Polo

Mariage Frères’ overwhelming success is a mysterious fruity and flowery black tea blend that will transport you to distant lands.


French Breakfast

This magnificent marriage of rich and elegant black teas produces a rounded taste of malt and chocolate that is powerful and refined.


Earl Grey Imperial - Bergamont

One of the top flavored black tea blends, this spring flush Darjeeling is exquisitely scented with Mariage Frères’ famous bergamot oils.



Here black tea welcomes a plethora of imperial spices: cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and pepper make for a warming, piquant brew.


Green teas


The Vert Fuji-Yama – from Japan

This stimulating green tea grown on the slopes of Mount Fuji yields an intense and subtle aroma.


Vert Provence

A grand green tea with flowery aroma combined with tastes of Provence, red and black fruits plus sweet lavender.


The à l'Opéra

A distinguished green tea has been enhanced with the subtle fragrance of red berries and precious spices



Red teas


Rouge Bourbon       100% theine free

Mariage Frères’ overwhelming success is a mysterious fruity and flowery black tea blend that will transport you to distant lands


Rouge Metis           100% theine free

This ‘cross-breed’, as its name implies, is a fine hybrid of red tea with fruit, citrus fruit, spices, and flowers.